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Featured Testimonial

I've never had a realtor before, so I wasn't really sure what to expect.  I assumed it was something like a car dealership, where it's just about your 
money, and getting you to buy before you clue in that it's a bad idea.  Despite my hesitation, we needed to buy and move from where we were living.  You were so full of positive energy, that it just didn't seem like anything could go wrong.  Sure enough that feeling would last until that sold sign went up.  Bit by bit there were small and big hiccups, we overcame them.  All the while you had this no bullshit attitude that helps us hang on to hope and not to fall into doubt and negative thinking.  You were what we needed to lift our spirits while we took that leap of faith into the dark unknown, where it's easy to find horror stories of what happens to people like us.  Thank you so much Erin for all you've done for my family.


Marchtaler Family

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